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Who are we?

Navianet is a brand who's main goal is to unify software and hardware engineering from Inpro ltd. We started as a high quality BPM software developing company, and  recognized the need to produce a high quality environment monitoring equipment that will allow the development of the next generation automation system. Navianet's sense product line is the first step in becoming a regional leader in automation system developing.

We are an official distributor of JDC Electronic SA, leading manufacturer in measurement instruments for extreme sports, and wide range of professional weather stations and specific sensors for wind, temperature, fluid velocities, etc.


Navianet sense

High quality sensors for home and professional use. Monitor and analyze temperature and air pressure trends, noise levels or distance, measure air quality trough various factors (Alcohol, carbon monoxide, CO, Ozone, smoke, benzen, etc.). Currently all sensors are compatible with Ubiquiti's mFi system. Our goal is to make living environment and production conditions better and more efficient.


JDC Electronic SA

Inpro ltd. is official distributor of sports and scientific environment monitoring equipment from JDC Electronic SA. Based in Yverdon-les-Bains, JDC Electronic SA began it's business developing and manufacturing instruments for extreme sports, and today they are a leader in this market with a full range of products. Among extreme sports instruments JDC Electronic SA manufactures professional weather stations and specific sensors for wind, temperature, fluid velocities and other.


Better technology for better life.

Navianet products are made for you to observe and control your life environment. We strongly believe that environment monitoring is necessary to make improvements in our coordination with nature.

High quality control trough the whole process of production is our priority in making a product that will stand out with it's quality and simplicity.



From small town IT business to automation engineering company. Our vision is to develop a full business automation product that will unify work experience and efficiency with bringing productivity to a higher level.



Our goal is to become a regional leader in production of full automation systems that include hardware equipment and monitoring instruments with software systems that are user friendly and flexible for business integration.



High product quality and friendly customer support are some of our main values that we accomplish with motivated employees in comfortable working environment.


Company info

Inpro ltd.
Čakovec, M. Krleže 28
MBS: 070011564
OIB: 79178903202
IBAN: HR16 2340 0091 1160 0676 6
CEO: Branko Novosel