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Inpro ltd.
M. Krleže 28
40000 Čakovec


Inpro ltd. - offices
Slavonska avenija 19
10000 Zagreb


Sales & Marketing
Dario Horvat Novak
phone: +385 40 492 235
email: dario@navianet.eu


Inpro d.o.o. - Croatia

Inpro is Navianet brand owner and is specialized in Data and Process Management. With it's 25 years long experience Inpro can deliver quality solutions for smal and large companies.

EZY Infotech d.o.o. - Croatia

Ezy Infotech is a part of a strong international distribution chain spread on the largest world markets. Mainly focusing on covering central and western Balkan countries.

ITCare s.r.l. - Italy

ITCare is an IT consulting Company building and providing solutions either in Systems, Process and Service Management. Their competence results from 15 years long experience in data-centers of large-sized Companies and factories, developing a great amount of projects.