Home surveillance system


The need to connect remote locations is getting bigger. We received a request from our user that includes remote video surveillance, local video surveillance, NVR implementation, WISP internet connection, air quality measurement for boiler room and wired network access. During planing and design of the solution we received an additional request to connect the remote location to access the local network and to secure function of the system during power grid failure. All together it was a very complex solution, specially since we had a budget to to consider while planing and implementing.

Solution 1/3 - Remote location connection

Since WISP is using ubiquiti network equipment and the distance between the client and the WISP access point is about 100m we proposed uibiquiti MIMO device - LOCOm5.

To connect the remote connection we used Airgrid27 devices. The distance between the two locations is about 6.2 km with clear line of sight. The device on the remote location is in AP mode, while the main location device (House) remains in client mode. On the third location we implemented the Airgrid27 to. Since the priority is between the main location and supervised location, we added the Airmax priority's according to that.

Solution 2/3 - Distant location surveillance

For setting up the video surveillance solution we used 3 IP cameras with 1MP resolution and IR light, 2 of them are outdoor cameras. The cameras and the airgrid is powered with a POE switch. We also added a 2.4GHz access point for possible connection by the costumer while he is in the supervised location. All equipment is powered by a Line interactive UPS. We used an 8 channel NVR with 500GB storage, that records only in case of movement, and with 5 seconds prerecording.

Solution 3/3 - Air quality control in the boiler room

The basement room is the location of the central heating boiler. We installed a single mPort device with two sensors for air quality measurements, SenseAir 2 and SenseAir 4. SenseAir 2 measures the concentration of general combustible gases in air, while  SenseAir 4 measures concentration of methane and natural gas in air.


Background network infrastructure

In the background of this solution, as network management, we used a powerfull mikrotik device with RouterOS.

All devices were connected to the UPS so their function is secured for situations of power grid failures. The devices connect to the local network trough two 8 port switches.

User comment

"In need to feel safe and to sleep without worries I contacted Navianet team that explained my options in only few phonecalls. The kind experts recommended the solutions they implemented, with precision, speed and order."

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