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Certified experts can help you with building and upgrading of your network systems, and with choosing and configuring of network equipment.

Planing & design

Development of complete projects based on your demands and needs, whether it is new infrastructure or upgrade of existing network.


Development and implementation of network solutions, from  structural cabling to equipment configuration, testing and implementation of complete solutions.


Wide range of different products from known manufacturers and brands, available in short delivery time. You can browse our products in our webshop.

Many application areas

Planing and development of network solutions for different purposes and sizes, from small house solutions and business systems to big industrial solutions and isolated area connections.


From simple home internet connections and wireless network configuration to complex systems as base for surveillance, sensors and smart houses, branched installations in buildings with central exit and control points.


Construction of complete networks for computer communication and support of other systems that need computer networks to function properly. Video surveillance, sensors, VPN connections, VPN user management, network splitting for private and guest user groups with adequate protections.


Optical cables for long distances and areas with devices that cause to much interference for standard copper cables. Connecting plants with high permeability wireless links, that provide enough bandwidth for all network services and future expansions.

Mobile systems

Implementation of 3G/4G devices for internet access on locations where wired infrastructure isn't available, and for systems in movement. Further network branching does not depend on object size (trains, cruisers etc.).

Isolated areas


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Comprehensive architectures and technologies

From the ground to the top, passive and active equipment, structural cabling, closets, devices in the network core, through wireless to end user devices. From simple to extremely complex and branched topology.

Racks and cables

Leave network rack and cabling choices to experts, because as the data center becomes more complex, the closets and cables directly influence the efficiency of the data center - from initial setup, scalability, changes to maintenance.

Network core

Routers and switches are the hearth of every network. Use network resources wisely with proper traffic routing using routers, secure your private network using virtual LAN, supply other devices with power using POE routers, remotely control with power supply of specific devices on POE router. We will help you with protocols like OSPF, RIP, BGP. Filter network traffic, set priorities, set time, traffic, protocol and destination limitations.

Point to point WLAN

Connecting locations distant from a few hundred meters to several tens of kilometers with speeds over 1 Gbps. Connect separated business buildings in local network, connect distant and isolated location to threaded hub, create high bandwidth link for video surveillance connections, measuring systems etc. to a secure location with network infrastructure.

Point to multipoint WLAN

Enable access to you wireless network trough one access point to dozens of users. Use verified networking equipment with high capacity, scalability, high manageability, brands like Ubiquiti and Mikrotik. Enable your users carefree access with high availability. Consult experts about frequency zone, antennas or radio-devices.

Modern trends

Be the LEADERS in keeping track with new technologies and trends in computer communication. Choose the latest hotspot systems, connect your employees and offices with last generation VPN systems and reduce your costs with transition to VoIP communication technology.

Hotspot systems

Allow your users ease access to your network. With one click, you can create access data, apply charges and then your guests can enjoy the benefits of the internet. Promote yourself or partners through the system to guests that connect to your hotspot network. The system allows centralized accreditation location while your hotspot access point can be distant and cover the entire hotel, stadium or beach.


Whether you need to connect two or more offices, a data center with offices so your sensitive data is not exposed to unwanted persons, or allow your employes working from distant locations by connecting to your business network. You can leave the worries about security of specific VPN technologies, compatibility with different devices and the complexity of configuration to us. We will choose the best for your needs.

VoIP communication

Reduce costs with implementing the latest VoIP technology. Connect distant offices and communicate for free inside your own phone network. By connecting the locations to internet the distance between them become completely irrelevant. Organize meetings with distant associates or partners using VoIP phones of latest generation with video calls.


Divide the network to virtual LAN's without complicating the network with additional routers and physically disconnecting the infrastructure. Secure the access to servers only for authorized personnel, separate your private from guest network and use same infrastructure for data transfer, VoIP and video surveillance.

Fiber optics

Where copper cables end, fiber optics continue. Get longer distances, connect critical locations with higher bandwidth links, secure connections from interference and wiretaping. Connect devices with ethernet port (cameras and similar devices) to optical cables using simple adapters.

Scientific work methods

During planing of network systems we stick to rules that govern among technologies, as well as in nature and environment where the equipment is placed. All parameters are pre-calculated using special methods that are applied in particular field and we use equations specific for the brand that is used for the system.

Bandwidth calculation

It is not same whichever equipment, cables and in what quantities is used. By planing the whole network, anticipating the number of users, equipment they will bring and characteristics of the equipment we can calculate the number, type and performance of needed equipment, cable variants and technologies that we need to use together with included future expansions and upgrades.

WLAN link calculation

Depending on the brand of the equipment used, it's characteristics and before calculated user needs, considering the location, weather conditions and physical attributes of radio frequencies, it is possible to determine in advance, the minimal necessary conditions that need to be met so the user needs are satisfied in the worst possible conditions.



Don't let malfunctions of one device or one cable to disrupt the whole network infrastructure. Like in every field, networking has rules that need to be followed so the system can function correctly even in some unpredicted situations, be reliable and so the users can always have trust in the system their business depends on.

Future expansions

Implementation of 3G/4G devices for internet access on locations where wired infrastructure isn't available, and for systems in movement. Further network branching does not depend on object size (trains, cruisers etc.).