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Certified experts can help you with building and upgrading of your video surveillance systems, and with choosing and configuring of video surveillance equipment.

Planing & design

Development of complete projects based on your demands and needs, whether it is new infrastructure or upgrade of existing video surveillance systems.


Development and implementation of video surveillance solutions, from  equipment implementation and configuration, testing to launching of complete solutions.


Wide range of different products from known manufacturers and brands, available in short delivery time. You can browse our products in our webshop.

Video surveillance systems are an important part of technical protection. In general they consist of cameras, recorders and software to access and review the videos. Camera image quality is one of the most important specifications, and the modern video surveillance cameras are therefor based on digital technologies. IP video surveillance systems consist of high quality cameras that are accessed trough computer networks. Navianet Custos team for technical protection will help you protect your business, your assets and your family.

Why chose Navianet Custos video surveillance partner:

  Team of experts with rich knowledge and experience in video surveillance and network systems
  Certificate to perform technical protection projects (without a certified video surveillance system the videos are not legally valid)
  Experience in work with different brands of video surveillance equipment
  Trust from a video surveillance manufacturer Milesight - official distributor and repair service

Profesionalna oprema za video nadzor